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Antenatal & Parenting

If you are looking for:

A friendly, social setting and safe space in which to share ideas and discussions

Informative, non-prescriptive, evidence-based preparation

A course facilitated by experienced doulas who attend births regularly

An element of individualised preparation

Our Back2Basics course is for you.

Doula services

If you are looking for:


Unconditional 1-2-1 support as you prepare for birth and early parenting


A known friendly face throughout your journey and the advantage of having an experienced non-medical person on your birth team


Acknowledgement and respect of your choices


Open-minded support without judgement

Our doula services are for you.

We are Florence and Kat, two local doulas who have formed "Worcestershire Doulas" in order to bring our empowering family centred Doula support services, and Antenatal & Parenting Preparation Course "Back2Basics" to Worcestershire and surrounding areas.

With over 20 years combined experience, as busy, working doulas who attend births regularly, we know that birth is different for everyone and therefore any preparation and support has to be tailored to the needs of each individual family. We are doulas for every family - straight or disabled, first time mum or LGBTQI+ family, complex needs or surrogacy. We have supported all types of families through their journey into parenting and understand how important good preparation is as part of the process.
This is the main reason why we have created the Back2Basics programme. Although there are many good courses on offer, we were surprised by the number of women we were meeting who were still left feeling unprepared and disappointed after their baby's birth in spite of having attended an antenatal preparation course.

As doulas that support and prepare families for birth on a 1-2-1 level, we began to wonder if there was a way to use our experience of preparing clients for birth and early parenting, to create a course that could be delivered in a social group setting, whilst keeping the same personalised, flexible approach.

We hope you will find our Back2Basics antenatal course a refreshing change.
We also offer "shared care" Doula support services as Worcestershire Doulas, which allows us to offer even more flexibility and availability as birth and postnatal doulas to all our clients.