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Antenatal & Parenting Preparation

Are you pregnant or planning to be?

We are here for every family, whatever its shape and size. Would you like to find a new approach to planning for birth and your parenting journey, whether this is your 1st or 6th baby? Are you an LGBTQI+ family? A single parent? Are you having trouble accessing services in unsuitable venues because of a disability? Would you like to build a support network in an inclusive, safe, supportive space that welcomes every type of family?
Back2Basics is an antenatal and parenting preparation course run by antenatal teachers with a doula background. As doulas we attend births regularly and have supported an extensive variety of families through different types of birth and parenting experience.
By drawing on our knowledge as parents and doulas, and by listening to the feedback and stories of parents in our communities, we have created a course specifically designed to build confidence and inspire you on your parenting journey.
We are passionate about providing family centred antenatal and parenting preparation of the highest quality that reflects the individual needs of those accessing it. There isn't a right or wrong way to approach birth, only an individualised learning process.
What are the benefits of attending back2basics?
We have created an affirming, positive and safe place to share, in which every idea is welcome. As Doula's we are not medically trained, or affiliated to any other organisation, nor do we work for the NHS or any other care provider. We work independently with no agenda, believing that every choice or decision you make about your care is valid.

Information in our course is based on honest observations and relevant up to date evidence. It will be real, factual and designed to help you understand not only the physical and emotional processes of pregnancy, birth and early parenting, but also how your local maternity and early years system works.

 We want you to feel inspired, confident and to have a clear understanding of your own needs and preferences, and how best to communicate these to partners, friends, family and your care providers.


Along side the informational side of Back2Basics the course will provide the opportunity to socialise and make friends with other expectant parents from your local area.

Who is it for?
Put simply, everyone!
Those birthing at home, in hospital or a birth centre.
Those with complex pregnancies, uncomplicated pregnancies, and multiple pregnancies
Those birthing for the 1st or the 6th time.
Single parents
Same sex couples
We have been particularly mindful throughout the creation of this course that antenatal preparation courses tend to show strong heteronormative bias in their media, literature and language. This is an issue that we wanted to address as we wrote our course. We acknowledge that LGBTQI+ expectant parents want to feel confident that the information and experience they receive when they book onto a course, will be relevant and meaningful to them; an assumption free environment where it is clear they are represented.
When should I Attend?
You are welcome to attend at any time in your pregnancy, if you're unsure please get in touch.
How is it structured?

Each session is 2.5 hours long with sessions running over a 5 week period. Where possible these will be consecutive weeks on the same day of the week. Groups sizes will be small to facilitate the right environment for listening, sharing, discussion and activities. You will be encouraged to build your own toolbox/knowledge base/handouts throughout the five weeks and will be given opportunities to reflect and put into practice your knowledge.

There will be a 15 minute 1-2-1 session in week 3 to allow you discuss any specific areas you would like to discuss related to your pregnancy,

Course Content
Week 1 - Preparing for birth

Introduction to the course. Getting to know each other. Preparing emotionally and mentally for birth and early parenting. Exploration of your rights, responsibilities, decision making, choices, resources and the pregnancy time-line.

week 2 - birth, what you need to know

Hormones, communication, advocacy, birth environments, labour, positions, birthing, discovering baby, 3rd stage, skin to skin.,

week 3 - when birth gets complex

We take a look at complex births, and how to adapt to challenging situations with adaptability, flexibility

and how to stay positive if the plan changes.

15 minute 1-2-1 session to discuss specifics related to your pregnancy or situation.

week 4 - Toolbox for birth

We explore the benefits of creating a toolbox for birth.

With all the information gathered over the past 3 weeks, you will discover how to put it into practice. We will discuss comfort measures, relaxation techniques and more, as well as medical pain relief options. You will start drawing together your birth and parenting support team, and fine tune your birth wish list.

week 5 - When the baby's here

This week we will be introducing the concept of the 4th trimester, by looking at the postnatal period as a linear progression of pregnancy.
It will be a mixture of practical and informative exercises in order to help you prepare with confidence for this special time following birth.

Course Dates

Spring dates - February 28th, March 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - Thursdays 7.30 - 10.00pm

Course Venue
We are currently looking for a new venue in Bromsgrove and surround areas. Please drop us an email to register your interest and we'll update you in due course.